Week 7 Option 1

Before taking any of the given exams, I already knew that I am a visual and tactile learner instead of an auditory learner. I found either one of those two learning styles to be farily accurate because that is what helps me learn a material, remember, and understand with no problems. That is why I am more preferible towards professors that give their lecture and use a powerpoint instead of giving an oral lecture. I tend to do horrible in classes that how little to no visual aid and it is very frustrating, especailly if I am horrible at taking notes for a certain class.

After taking the first online learning assessment, the results showed that my learning style leaned more towards being a Reflective learner, Sensing learner, Visual Learner, and Global learner. I find the results to be accurate, especially since there are times where my learning changes depending on the subject. I find that the assessment was done accurately. The only thing I would change about the assessment is how the results were given. It took me a while to figure out how to interpret the results based on the graph that was given to me. There was a link that gave further explanation on how to understand your results, but it would have been more effective if they simplified how a person gets their results.

In the second online learning assessment, the results showed that I was a Visual Tactile Learner. I found this information accurate, as stated in the beginning of the post, but I was not sure about the types of questions that were asked. The questions were not as detailed as the first online assessment, thus giving you quick results.

I am slightly skeptical with online assessments, especially with learning styles.Some people have different learning styles for different subjects and it will not always be constant.


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