Week 12 Option 1: Ted Talk with Kelly McGonigal

In the Ted Talk with Kelly McGonigal, she presented research that showed a strong correlation between stress and the human heart. Research has shown that the number one leading cause of death here in the United States was due to Heart Disease while Cancer was the second leading cause of death here in the United States. I found the research and statistics she shared to be worrisome and a bit stressful because I come from a family that do not know how to handle stress well.

When she shared how an experiment was done with the audience, I was feeling the stress they were probably under because that is the behavior a lot of teachers and proffessors put on students during tests and it is very intimidating.

One research that got me thinking about my stress was when she mentioned a range of people that were dealing with stress and were asked if they have also helped their family, friends, neighbor, anyone. She mentions that those people who have helped their community have experienced no stress-related health issues. She said that helping people is what gives us this warm and fuzzy feeling inside our heart that makes us feel good about helping one another. The moment we help someone we not only help relief the stress of that person, but we also release the stress that was built inside out hearts.

I found that her last piece of advice of helping others was well said because I can relate to it myself. I like helping people because I know that there are a lot of people that are need of help, whether it is a small problem of a universal problem. I take it upon myself to listen to someone rant about their problems because I know it will let them release their stress and make them feel some sort of relief.



  1. agreen14 · April 27, 2015

    I did not watch the Ted Talk but I chose to read your blog to see what it was about. It is not surprising that stress causes health problems like that. Some people just let stress take over and it is like a disease. One thing you could have mentioned was what her experiment actually was, but I guess i should not be lazy and go watch it! I agree a lot of teachers do set up an intimidating environment to take tests in. I never thought about doing things for others to be an effective way to cope with stress. It is a win-win situation because it helps relieve their stress as well as ours.


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