Week 13, Option 1: Implicit Association Test

The first IAT test I took was more towards whether I was a sexist or not. While I was taking the test, it was a little stressful that the test requires you to categorize the words as quickly as possible. I did made several mistakes by categorizing the words in the wrong category, thus giving me the results that I associate men with humanities and women with science. With my results I do not consider this to be correct nor incorrect. I say this because of my belief of equal rights between men and women. Men and women can have different careers that are typically associated with a gender and I would not matter to me. Women are slowly rising to having successful careers in the science and math careers that are typically male-dominated while men are becoming comfortable in involving a career around humanities. The test in general had easy instructions and there was no trouble in taking the test.

The next IAT test I took was to see if I view mental illness as dangerous or not. I chose this one since we are currently learning about mental illnesses and figured it would be appropriate to take a test about it. Just like the previous test, it was slightly stressful to categorize the words, but at the beginning of the test I had no trouble categorizing the words. There was only one word that I constantly categorized as a mental health instead of a physical health. Results showed that I do not see mental health as dangerous. I agree with my results because I see no problem with people who have a history of a mental health disorder. I do become conscious with what I say or do in order to not trigger anything but overall they are humans just like everyone else.

I do not necessarily see these tests as useful to college students or in my career. It can give me some insight on how a person views an issue, but I do not take tests as a legitimate definition of who someone is. I go by me personally knowing a person.


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